Bahama Mama

We are back from our cruise and reality has hit us head on. We have only been home one week and our car has broken down, Clara got glasses, and Trey and I are up to our eyeballs in homework. We did have a lot of fun, however on our little vacation:

Our first stop was Nausau(an island in the Bahama's) where we rented a scooter and toured the island local style. We almost died though because you have to drive on the other side of the road and those taxis will mow you over! We found this amazing little beach where we spent a few hours and there was hardly anyone on it. The water and sand were beautiful!! We then stumbled upon an old fort/ botanical garden that was in ruins where a bat dive-bombed my head

Can you believe this water?!  Amazing!!

Our next port was Coco Cay (another island in the Bahamas) where we rented jet skiis and went on a tour of the surrounding islands. We stopped for a swim at a place called Starfish cove and we could see the bottom of the ocean and there were enormous starfish everywhere. Trey, Doug and Justin were diving to the bottom and coming up with the starfish for us to see. After returning to the island we went snorkeling and saw a ship wreck, an airplane wreck and... aaaahhhh!- a six foot shark! We also saw all kinds of colorful fish, huge sand dollars and conch shells.

Our final port was Key West, Florida and my, oh my it was a sight to behold! Fantasy Fest happened to be going on the same time we were there and people were walking around in crazy costumes only half dressed. We avoided the streets as much as possible by shopping around and then we found a Butterfly and Nature Conservatory that was absolutely amazing. We stayed in there for hours, it was so peaceful and enjoyable. On our way back to the ship Trey got more than he bargained for out of Fantasy Fest when a lady suddenly flashed a group of guys that were on a blacony above us right in front of his face as we walked past. Well, at least the butterflies were pretty! :)

It was a lot of fun to hang out on the ship too because they had a climbing wall and there was always some show or activity going on. And of course, the all you can eat buffets. Yum!

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  1. Remember that wilderness program I worked at for judicated youth? Well, there was a kid in it from Nausau. Maybe that flashy lady should go to the wilderness program too:) I'm really glad you "had" to go on this trip. So beautiful!