Ready Readers Preschool is designed to help your child develop a lifelong love of learning. We do Circle Time, Arts and Crafts, Music & Movement, Snack, Outdoor Play, Indoor Imaginative Play, Sensory Projects and Ready Readers every week. Ready Readers is when we work on our ABC's and... reading! Your child is guaranteed to be reading before they go into Kindergarten!

Class A- Tuesday & Thursday
Your investment is $80.00 per month and $50.00 registration fee
(This is a good beginner class for 2 & 3 year olds)

Class B- Monday & Wednesday
Your investment is $100.00 per month and $75.00 registration fee
(This is a good intermediate class for 3 & 4 year olds.)

Class C- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Your investment is $150.00 per month and $100.00 registration fee
(This class is great for those who will be going into Kindergarten the following year.  The registration fee includes more than 25 reading books your child gets to keep.)

* Each class will have a maximum of six students and a minimum of five. 
* Your child may enroll in any class, the ages are just strong recommendations.
* Guaranteed reading only applies to the students enrolled in Class C.

 Please contact me if you would like a registration form.

A typical preschool day can be seen by clicking on any link below: 

F is for Flower

I is for Insect

L is for Love

O is for Owl

W is for Wishes

X is for X-ray

Z is for Zebra

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