Mmm, mmm good!

Nora and Clara both LOVE their thumbs. We are trying to get Clara
to quit. My friend Kami gave me the idea to sew socks to her shirts
so she can't suck her thumb. We only do it at night and she hates it.
Trey's grandma thinks we are so mean to let them suck their thumbs when they are babies and then tell them they can't anymore. He told her we let them poop their pants when they are babies too, but when they get older they have to stop. :) There is a time and season for everything, you know?!


  1. Love the thumbsucking jammies!!!! I had to share the idea with My sister inlaw. My mom got the book rack from pottery barn kids. it was so nice catching up with you guys- aren't blogs great for that? I will have to add you to my favorites now!

  2. I love that idea...and i would have to agree..there is a time and season for everything. But Trey's Grandma is pretty funny....hey, I wouldn't mind if they didn't poop either to tell you the truth!!