The conversation my girls and I had yesterday:
Nora: Today Sunday?
Me: Yes, how did you know that? (she's only two)
Nora, shrugging her shoulders: I dunno.
Clara, matter of factly: Well, Jesus must have told you then. Did you know He could talk to you Nora?
Me: How does He talk to you?
Clara, looking at me in disbelief: Mom, He lives in your heart and then he talks to your heart and sometimes to your head too. Father and the Holy Ghost and God live there too. But sometimes they live in Heaven. I guess they just go both places. If they want to talk to you though they can, but you have to be quite and listen because it's not very loud.
Me: Have they ever talked to you?
Clara: Yeah, one time I was at Cindy's (she calls her grandma, Cindy, not grandma) and I was playing outside and I heard someone say, "Clara! Clara!" and I looked around and I was like, huh? And then I heard it again and I knew it was someone in my heart talking and I think it was the Holy Ghost though.
Me: How do you know it was someone in your heart talking?
Clara, speaking as though she's giving me a lesson on life: When you can't see someone, but you can hear them talking then it must be God or just one of the others from your heart talking.

Oh...I get it now! It must be crowded in our hearts if Jesus, Father, the Holy Ghost and God all live there together. I better give her a little lesson because um, she thinks there are four living there instead of three. I didn't want to break her little heart, but guess what? It was really Grandma Cindy calling her name from inside the house!

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