This is getting out of hand!

Reed and Kaitlin have now been on KSL news in Utah via Skype and then they were flown to Texas for another Skype interview for the TODAY show on Sunday, following which they were flown to New York City to be interviewed by Matt Lauer on the TODAY show Monday morning!!  After the show was over the producer brought out three Frosty's- one for Kaitlin, one for Reed and one for Matt Lauer and they sat and ate their Frostys and visited for awhile with Matt.  Clips from their video at the restaurant were shown on the O'Riley Factor and I've also seen them on our local news.  They said they keep getting phone calls from all over the country to have phone interviews for radio stations and Kaitlin gets text messages about every minute Reed said.  After their interview with the TODAY show they headed over to the Inside Edition studio and that will air on Friday.  On Tuesday morning they are being flown to California to be on the Ellen Degeneres show on Thursday.  You can see their past interviews on the internet or catch their upcoming ones on TV!    

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  1. That is sure a great story that they will be able to tell the kids someday! Maybe they will get a honeymoon or something out of all this!