What a sweetie...

One night at Family Home Evening we were playing with play-doh and Trey made me this cute little yellow rose. I kept it and it dried. Clara was playing with it a few days later and broke it. I was sad. :-{
Yesterday I was feeding Atticus and Jonas comes to me with a grin on his face and he presented this to me:

What a sweetie! When I was done feeding Atticus Jonas told to me to go look in the Kitchen. When I did I found this message written in play-doh:
Our conversation that followed:


  1. If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will??? How cute!!

  2. Meshan. I would LOVE to design a header for you!! send me an email with some ideas and colors and stuff you like. Then I'll send some back so you can pick the one you like!!

  3. what a stud! your previous post was hilarious. actually to most of us it was nice to see that you are not perfect. thanks for sharing with everyone. i needed a good laugh.

  4. Oh my gosh....that is so sweet! How cute is he??