Wise beyond his years...

The other day Jonas told me he doesn't like to watch the news because they never solve the problems they always just talk about the problems.  Amen, brother!  I must be getting old because all I listen to on the radio anymore is NPR(National Public Radio) and AM talk stations.  I get so fired up these days about what is happening around the world and especially in the good ol' US of A.  I never used to care about politics and am ashamed to admit that last year was my FIRST time to vote- ever!  I'm tired of talking about the problems, I want to do something about them.  How do you get involved?  Any advice?


  1. Well, I was definately more into politics this year than ever before, I voted not for the first time, but tried to make an "educated" vote this time. In Dgo its easy to become ivolved they are always haveing meetings and parties and committees to try and make things better, but I've always been too chicken to participate. City council meetings are one way, you already know it starts with one person, if everyone tried to be more kind and serving imagine what a difference that would make! I'm also a big believer in recycling, I know its isn't really political, but I feel good knowing I'm making a small difference and I only have to put out my trash can every 2 weeks!

  2. Jonas is killing me!! What a smart boy!!!

    So I don't actually have anything profound to say but if you come up with any ideas be sure to share!

  3. I'm with Jonas. He is so smart. I tend to just not watch the news. Politics... it's hard for me to decide who is being honest and which side is right a lot of times. So mostly I just ignore it all and live happily in my own little world. Not what I should do, I know.

  4. I too would like to become more involved...mainly with adoption awareness and abortion laws. Its hard though to know where to start and its even harder to feel like you could make a difference.

    as far as politics and voting is concerned, I felt like all I could do was focus on the few important issues to me personal and then make a decision off of those...me, I'm no help.

    one sad realization is that in order to stay up on the news, politics and all the other stuff; you need to watch the news, the debates, whatever you can. AND that means you will be frustrated. Don't you feel like its a catch 22?