Attitude is Contagious

February 8, 2011

Dear Clara,
     Tonight you had practice for your performing group at Ms. Leesha's house.  She teaches you songs and cute little movements to go with them and then you perform your musical ensemble at different events in the community.  

Tonight you came home with the STAR PERFORMER award!  Good job honey bunches!  

(I did'nt tell you to pose like this.  You're saying, "Yes!  I'm awesome.  I'm a star performer!")

On the way home from practice Jonas asked if you wanted to play a game when we got home.  You replied, "Of course.  Let's play like we're going to a place where we sing and I'll be the teacher and my name is Ms. Leesha and I'm going to tell one of you that you're the best singer and then you can borrow my star.  Just because I give you the star doesn't mean I like you best, I just think you're the best performer.  I know Ms. Leesha likes us all the same it's just that sometimes one girl sings better than everyone else.  That was me today, that's why I have this star.  I'm a rock star."

When we did get home you were over the top nice to everyone.  Sharing your candy, talking your sweet little talk with your sweet little voice you reserve for times when you're in a really good mood, being extra helpful and playing kindly with your siblings.

Because you were being so lovely it was very contagious.  Jonas and Nora were oozing kindness right back at ya.  I could almost feel the pleasantness in the air and so I rewarded you all with mama dollars.

I sure love you, my little rock star!

Love, Mama  


  1. I'm glad you finally have a blog you will update! :)

  2. And I'm glad you're in my family.