Oh Brother

Dear Jonas and Atticus,
     I love that the two of you are good buds (most of the time), despite being 6 years apart in age.  You each have your own bed, but you often request to sleep together.  

 Even though it takes awhile for things to quite down and for the two of you to fall asleep, how could I possibly say no to such brotherly bonding?

Before I go to bed I usually check on Atticus because he rarely has a blanket on from thrashing around.  I was surprised when I checked on him the other night and he was tucked in with the blanket pulled up to his chin.

I asked Jonas if he had fixed the blanket and he said yes because he was worried Atticus would get cold.  He also said that he gave Atticus a goodnight kiss.

Thanks for looking after your little brother and I hope the two of you continue to adore one another.

Love, Mama

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