A Busy Week

Monday, July 18 2011 6:44am
Dear Atticus,
     You had a very busy week!  These were your accomplishments:

- Broke a vase

- Dropped a bowl full of cereal

- Dressed up as a girl at least three different times by your sisters

- Stole cookies off the counter

- Ate (not chewed, ate) _?_ pieces of gum.  I have no idea how many because I kept finding empty wrappers throughout the house.

- Attempted to paint your own nails

- Got caught eating Nutella straight from the jar (I don't blame you, it's hard to resist)

- Tried to glue your legs together??

- Ripped a book to shreds

- Went to time-out more times than I can count

- Broke two headbands

- Learned how to do a somersault off the couch

- Poured yourself a glass of milk

- Broke the vacuum

- Fell asleep in time-out

Don't cry, sweet boy, I still love you!

I might be more than a little ecstatic that your Grandma Cindy is coming to stay with you for a week though.  
Love, Mama


  1. fell asleep in timeout!?! that is so funny!

    so i am finally getting caught up on peoples blogs, and you guys have been busy! looks like you guys are having a great summer. :)

  2. I've been thinking about your post and my first reaction was "wow, i'm so lucky Zack doesn't get in to mischief." And then I got to thinking, in the last few days we've had bubbles dumped on the couch, pen on the couch, a baby sister smothering, chocolate milk swimming pool in the kitchen etc etc etc. I do timeout, usually 3 minutes unless I am really mad. Then we talk about why he was in timeout and he has to say sorry to his offenders. In fact he is in timeout right now, and singing. I don't like that he enjoys punishment. Or maybe he is just making the best of it.