July 25, 2011

Dear Children,
 The City of Henderson was in front of our house today doing work on the sidewalk.  After they left I noticed a lovely patch of wet cement.  It was calling my name.  Truly, I couldn't resist.  I had all of you make an imprint to memorialize forever our time in Henderson, NV.

A little while later I happened to look out the window and notice the City workers had come back and they were scraping and smoothing the sidewalk.  After they left Trey and I went outside to see if any of the footprints remained.  Nope, they were gone.  That's right, completely erased.  The nerve.  I did notice, however, that the cement was still slightly damp.  I don't know what possessed Trey and I, but we quickly ran inside to get you kids.  We had you make your footprint and this time I took pictures in case they dissapeared again.

The next time the City workers came back the cement was already too dry to erase your footprints completely, so they just scratched them out as best they could.  Muah ha ha, our memory will forever remain!

We are such good roll models, I know.

love, your naughty mother

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