Nerf Gun Party

December 12, 2011

Dear Atticus,
You have a slight obsession.  With guns.  You love, love, love them!  I must admit it worries me slightly.  You're always pretending to shoot things.  Animals, people, cars, buildings, etc.  You and Nora started a strange little game where you shoot Christmas Lights as we drive by houses.  You make machine gun sound effects and then blast out every string of lights you see.  It's disturbing. You want to be a "Police Man" when you grow up so you can shoot the bad guys.  Again, disturbing.

After writing that last paragraph I realize I'm extremely lacking in judgement.  WHY would I encourage this behavior by allowing you to have a Nerf Gun theme birthday party?!  I'll tell you why, because you're just so darn cute when we walk past the Nerf aisle at the store.  Your eyes light up and you get really animated and excited.  You've been begging to have a Nerf Gun party and I can't resist your puppy dog eyes and your little two year old voice.

You didn't want a cake, you wanted donuts so I stacked em' up and called it good.

We played a few games like, "Shoot the Cans Down", "Pin the Dart on the Bullseye", and then we had a little Nerf Gun War.  For the party favors we bought everyone a miniature Nerf Gun and we had a war of everyman for himself.  Most of the adults got in on the action too and it was a lot of fun.

These were the guests:  Your cousins Ethan and Caleb, Anna and Joseph from preschool, Jacobi's family, and all your grandparents and Aunts and Uncles that live in town.

These were the gifts:  Basically it was Nerf Guns, Nerf Guns and more Nerf Guns.  We have quite the stock pile now.  You're totally stoked.


3 things I love about Atticus:
1.  You know exactly what you want.  There's no wavering and once you get an idea in your head you do what it takes to get er' done.
2.  Your adorable voice and big brown eyes.  Didn't I mention earlier that they're my downfall?
3.  Your curiosity.  You love to learn and explore and you're constantly getting into mischief, but I still love it.

Happy Birthday!!
Love, Mama

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