January 21, 2012

Dear Sisters,
Since snowshoeing was such a success on New Years Eve, we decided to have a girls day and go again.  This time it was Kaitlin, Genie, and myself.  This time there was lots more snow, it was colder, and it was snowing the entire time on us.  We planned on having a picnic at the top, but since it was snowing so much we decided we should head back before visibility got too bad.

We thought it would be fun to take a path through the trees again, instead of taking the road down.

The only problem with that was that the path wasn't as well marked because of all the fresh snow.  I was leading the way and I, um... kind of got us lost.  I realized we were headed the wrong way and told the girls we should back track to see where we had made a wrong turn.  One of us (ahem, Kaitlin) was convinced we were on the right path and that we would meet up with the road eventually.  

We continued, but once we saw this cow I was pretty sure we were following a cattle trail and that we were going the opposite direction we wanted to be.  Kaitlin was still sure we were going the right way because she had been silently praying for help.  I had been silently praying too and I'm sure Genie was just praying that we could be done already.  She was exhausted and not used to such "outdoorsy" stuff.  Kaitlin suggested we say a prayer together so we knelt down and did so.

I did a quick guestimate of where we should be and I figured we had been lost for almost two hours and that we should have met up with the road and hour ago.  Kaitlin wanted to press forward and I told her I would give her ten more minutes and if we didn't find the road we were turning around.  By now the snow was coming down faster and harder.  We were worried and called our husbands to tell them the situation in case they had to come rescue us.

We (eventually) turned around, went all the way back up the trail to the top of the mountain, and came down on the road.  Not as scenic, but a safe bet.  We burned a bazillion calories and made it home hours after we planned.  I was so grateful we were able to get back on track though.  I'm also grateful for the bonding time with my two sistas.  I love you girls!

Love, Meshan