80's Bday Vday Party

February 10, 2011

Dear Love,

Tonight we went to an 80's themed Valentine's Day/ Birthday Party for our friend Reann.  I went to the Thriftstore two different times to try and find outfits and the day of the party I was getting a little worried because I wasn't having any success finding stuff for you.  And then I saw it, the "High Five a Tiger" shirt.  Perfect.  Everytime I see it it makes me laugh.

We went to the party with Ryan and Yolanda and I'm so glad we did.  I had an absolute blast.  The party was killer.  You know how much I love to bust a move and dress-up like a freak.  It reminded me of High School.  It was totally awesome dude.

I'm not sure why we posed "prom style" for this photo, i guess we're just cool like that.

We both hate this picture, but it's good for making other people feel good about themselves.  Ha.

The photobooth pictures were taken by Reann's sister, Aslyn.

Keep the freak flag flyin, 

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