January 14, 2012

Dear Clara,
When one of the kids says or does something ugly towards another person I usually make them write down five things nice about that person and then read it to them.  These are two of your recent lists:

To Nora                                                                                    
1.  You are funny.                                                                      
2.  You are cute.                                                                        
3.  Your eyes are pretty.                                                      
4.  You are nice.                                                                                                                              
5.  You have a cute sence of style.                                          

To Mom
1.  I like to play with you.
2.  You are nice.
3.  I think you are a good mom.
4.  You are pretty.                                                      
 5.  I like your lips.  They are gourjis.

And now because sometimes I'm ugly to you, here's a list of five nice things about you.

To Clara
1.  You have a cute personality.
2.  You sing pretty.
3.  I like your dimples.
4.  You have a great imagination.
5.  You're a good artist.

Love, Mama

P.S.  The other day you asked me if my lips were big even when I was a little girl because you were hoping your lips would grow to be as big as mine someday. 


  1. I love your gourjis lips too! haha

  2. I agree with all these compliments AND I agree with the idea. I'm going to make my kids write them down and then say them to the insulted being.