I Heart My Family.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Family,
     We just spent four days in Pinetop, AZ.  We went because Trey had an interview with IHS (Indian Health Services) and we wanted to check it out to see if it would be a place we want to live.  The great thing about never taking vacations is that when you finally do, the bar is set so low that everything is exciting to the kids.

-A camp out on the hotel room floor?  Hooray!

-Free breakfast at the hotel?  Yipee!!

-A trip to the grocery store to stock the mini freezer/fridge at the hotel with food that we then get to microwave in the room and eat while watching T.V.??  Are you kidding me?  Freakin amazing!

-Two trips to the extremely chlorinated pool?  A blast!

-A hike on a snowy, muddy, and elk poop invested trail?  Totally awesome!

I must admit, it was a great trip and I could totally see us living here.  These were my highlights:
*Being with my little family.  I LOVE them so much, family time makes my heart happy.
*Going to CHURCH at the nicest ward in the entire world.  Seriously, every other person asked us if we were new and when we said we were visiting they welcomed us and said we should move there.
*Pinetop is the cutest town and the scenery was BEAUTIFUL.
*Meeting new FRIENDS.  We were resting at the hotel after church on Sunday when we got a phone call.  Some people in the ward had tracked us down to invite us to have dessert with two other families at their house.   They also invited us to come hang out at their house the next day while Trey was doing his interview.  So nice.
*PLAYING with my children.  I loved swimming with them at the pool and playing at the park.  We played tag for almost two hours and then we fed the ducks and went on a walk.
*Witnessing a MIRACLE.  More on that to come.

I love you,

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  1. I think that is a great place for you all to end up. I love it there, too! I know a great babysitter that doesn't live too far away. And her overnighter price is for no extra charge. Wink, wink! Shalisa