3 men and a Flat Tire

April 25, 2012

Dear Men,
One of these things is not like the other:
 So, last night I got a flat tire with handy husband out of town.  

Ironically, I was on my way home from Enrichment.  As I left the church parking lot I thought the car was driving kind of funny.  It felt like the parking break was on so I glanced at it to check.  Nope.  I continued to drive while jamming to the Christian station like I usually do.  I had the volume turned up nice and loud, but I kept hearing a weird sound coming from the back seat.  I wondered what the kids had rolling around back there so I turned the volume down to hear better.  Hmm, strange.  And then it hit me: I had a flat tire!  Bleep!  I was no longer feeling enriched.

I got out of the car to look at the damage and thought about changing it myself, but when three drunk guys passed me in about 5 minutes, I thought better of it.  

Being an irresponsible person I didn't have any minutes left on my phone because I had already used them for the month.  Not a good idea when I'm temporarily a single mom.  Luckily, I could still text so I texted my dad and my brothers hoping someone would be able to come and save me.  

Within minutes Shawn and Bryce both showed up, both with their head lamps on.  Hallelujah!   They went to work and had me on the road in no time.  

The next day I was telling Grandma and Grandpa Livvy about my great night and they wanted to take a look at the damage.  Grandpa decided I needed two new tires and that we would go purchase them ASAP.  I didn't even know Atticus was paying attention when he suddenly said, "Mama I'll pay for your tires."  I responsed that that was very nice of him but I asked what money he would use.  He replied, "My piggy bank money so you don't have to waste your own."  What a sweetie! 

 The following day Grandpa, Atticus and I set out to get new tires and Grandpa insisted on paying for them.  Oh, how I love that generous man!  Atticus tried to give the mechanic his own contribution of $1 and he was devastated when the man paid him no mind.  

I'm blessed with some incredibly great men in my life.

Thank you!  Meshan 

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