Rompin Rodeo

August 12, 2012

Dear Children,
We went to the Los Alamos Rodeo yesterday with the Miller family.  When we got to the gate the ticket cowboy dude said, "that will be $25".  Wait, what?  It costs to get in a rodeo?   Of course it does, you dumb girl!  All I had was my debit card.  Apparently the rodeo doesn't take plastic.  Even if I did have cash, $25 seemed pretty steep to me.  I mean, there's a lot of  crap  good stuff I could buy at the thrift store with that money!  Lincoln and his three oldest were already in the rodeo so Annie was definitely going, but she didn't feel like forking over money either.  We went to a different ticket person and Annie worked some kind of Miller Magic because she got us all in for free!  Still not sure how that happened.

Lincoln had signed his kids up for some events, but since I didn't have any money I couldn't.  Ugh!  Loser mom.  After watching the rodeo and seeing how much fun it was I want my kids to do it too!!  Someday.

Lucy was up first for Mutton Bustin.

Ha!  I love her face!

She gave it a good go. 

I googled "Mutton Bustin" to see how to spell it and found this video:

I may have teared up.  Um, why didn't the rodeo people put a vest and helmet on Lucy though?  Totally should have.

Next up was Eli for the Bronc riding.  His cheering squad was sooo excited and started chanting his name.  Eli was super, super duper nervous.  He may have told me that his dad was making him do it. :)

Pure terror!  He did it though!  He was like a super star afterwards with his cousins and siblings.

Look how proud Lincoln is (blue t-shirt, 10:00). 

All the kids got to run onto the field at the end to try and get a ribbon that was tied to a sheep.  The kids warm-up so they "wouldn't pull a hamstring".   Concentrate Jonas!  Stick your tongue out just a litte farther and you'll get it!

That little cowboy next to Jonas is probably saying, "Excuse me sir, you sure are good at them jumping jacks!  Mind teaching me how?"  You know, all cowboys talk real polite like that.

And this little kid is staring after Atticus thinking, "Now there's a style I could get into.  Super hero shirt, surfer shorts and cowboy boots!  Man, that kid has class!"  After the three ribbons were off the sheep all the kids came off the field and back into the stands.  All the kids except Atticus.  He thought you were supposed to try and catch the sheep, not just get a ribbon off it!  He was out there running his little heart out.  So cute.

After the rodeo we went back to the Miller's house for homemade pizza and watermelon.  Our daughters then became possessed.  The end.

Love, Mama Lama


  1. That looks like so much fun! You are the coolest parents ever!

  2. i really should blog again. maybe, just maybe, you have inspired me:)

  3. You have inspired me for sure! i forgot about blogs until today and I'm so glad i read yours. I started crying watching the video and i thought i was ridiculous and then i read that you did too:)