Christmas 2012

December 28, 2012

Dear Children,
     Somehow these are the only pictures I took on Christmas day.  Too much fun to be had, I guess.

It really is unfortunate that I didn't take a picture of the way Santa displayed all the toys, especially Clara's sleeping bag and camping stuff.  Santa made a tent with a sheet and then he positioned her sleeping bag under it and then right outside the "tent"there was a campfire set up with rocks.  Inside the fire there was a camping meal and a fire starter kit.  So cute.  Clara was ecstatic with all her camping gear.  Earlier in the season she received a pink bb gun from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Dewey, a pink fishing pole from Santa's visit to the Foutz party, and then she also got a pink pocketknife in her stocking.  Grandma Ulibarri wasn't too impressed with all her gifts and said, "What are you trying to do, raise a Boy Scout?!"  Ha, ha.  Everything she got was on her Christmas wish list.

 Sonora got the American Girl doll, Felicity from Santa.   She also got Twinkle Toe shoes, a rock painting kit, and a bracelet making kit.

Jonas got a Chess Set from Santa that he had his eye on forever.  He also got a new backpacking pack and Legos.

 I didn't get pictures of Atticus either, dangit.  He got a Skateboard from Santa.  He also got Legos and stuffed animal wolves.

Later that day we drove to Los Alamos and had dinner with the Miller clan.   Annie and Lincoln prepared a delicious feast.  We took the Wrapping Game with us and the kids loved it.  We took a $5.00 bill and put it in a tiny box and then wrapped it up a couple hundred more times using a little bit bigger box each time.  The kids took turns rolling dice and if someone rolled doubles they had to put on the hat, mittens and scarf and start to unwrap the gift.  The lucky person who unwrapped the final box got to keep the money.  

Merry Christmas, my loves.  Mama

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