Sonora & Mama

January 22, 2013

Dear Sonora,
     We went to the Children's Museum today, just the two of us because you had earned enough "Nora dollars" to have a parent date.   We  stayed for two hours and it was so much fun!  You ran around to each station, exploring them with an almost constant giggle.  Your favorites were the face painting and the boat races.

You loved looking in the mirror and being able to paint your own face.

Then you asked if you could paint my face and I said, "Sure!".  You decided on a rainbow and here's the start of it with the two clouds on my cheeks.

I love you and I'm so happy we had the chance to go on a Mama date!

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  1. You are an awesome Mom to let her paint your face. I'm interested in "nora dollars". FB me *hugs*