Vacation Day

February 17, 2013

Dear Love,
Thanks for a fabulous weekend!!

At the beginning of our marriage we decided we didn't want to get each other anything for Valentine's Day, but thought it would be fun to go on a vacation together instead.  V-day, aka Vacation Day was born and the first February spent together we went to Ramenaptra.  I set up a tent in the living room and we had a make-believe vacation at home.  "Home" was Monterey, CA in base housing.  The following year we went to Santa Cruz for the day.  In all our twelve years of marriage we've never actually gone on a true vacation where you spend the night away from home with no children due to finances and well, having four children.

I was sooo excited for our V-day this year.  It started off with a scenic drive to Pagosa Springs, CO.

Once we got to Pagosa we checked into our hotel and then went to eat at The Malt Shoppe.

When you posted on Facebook where we were eating people said things like,

Too bad I wasn't feeling well and couldn't really enjoy anything, but you seemed to love it by how quickly you scarfed it.  Haha, love ya.

After dinner we went back to our sweet suite at The Springs Resort and Spa to change into our bathing suits and soak in the hot springs.  We put on our lush robes and headed out the door.

We soaked it up in the 23 hot springs, but our favorites were definitely in the 18+ area where you had to have a code to get in and of course, be over 18.  The only people who had the code were guests staying at The Springs.  It was very relaxing and luxurious without children around. 

Pretend that's us in the picture below.  

For breakfast the next day we stopped at Pagosa Baking Company to get breakfast and lunch to go.  Mmm, it was a good choice.

And on we went to Wolf Creek for a day of snowboarding.  So. Much. Fun!  We stopped early though because I was exhausted after not boarding (or doing any physical activity) for about 3 years.  We then headed back to the hot springs for another hour of soaking before heading home.  Aaah... bliss!

I love time with my sweetie!  The weekend was perfect.
Love, Me


  1. Yep we definitely need to go there for sure!

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