November 8, 2007

Dear Children, 
     For Halloween 2007 Clara was a Korean princess, Nora was a butterfly and Jonas was superman.

Jonas and Clara were going to be a doctor and a nurse, but Jonas wanted only to be a superhero.  Aunt Rebecca tried convincing him that a doctor was a real life superhero, but he wasn't buying into it. It's a good thing we happened to have Superman pajamas, red soccer socks and Superman slippers or we would have had one sad little boy. 

Our great friend Heidi gave us Clara's dress when we lived in Korea and Clara was soooo happy that it finally fit her!  Really, she was happy.  I'm not sure why she's crying in the picture.

Nora was a ghetto fabulous butterfly.  Probably the most generic costume in the world.  Oh well.

I dressed up too for the church Halloween party, but didn't think to take pictures of my awesome costume.  I dressed as a nerd and wore some of Trey's old man pants from high school! Oh yeah, baby, I was HOT!

Love, Me


  1. OOOH was it his skin tight polyester bright white bell bottom old man pants?!!! Those are the ones I remember most:)

  2. That is what I want to know!!?? I hope you wore the wig also.

  3. You might have to dress up again just for a picture. I want to see this outfit!

  4. Meshan,

    I am so EXCITED that I found your blog! Now we can keep in touch this way and know what's happening in each other lives. Hope all is well with you. Sounds like life has been busy but good.
    Feel free to check out our blog if you want:


  5. just a friendly reminder that you have been tagged.