six facts

November 28, 2007

Dear Children,
Six fun facts about your mother:

1. I love to eat healthy and try new recipes. I hate to cook the same dinner more than 1x a month, so I am always looking for new recipes to experiment with. Most of the time they are a success, but sometimes we end up eating a not so delicious dinner. Trey likes that I'm always trying new things, but my kids aren't as appreciative. They wish I would make mac-n-cheese every night. Two new recipes I've enjoyed are Pecan and Cranberry Couscous and Orange Edamame Salad. Trey said I'm not "allowed" to cook with soy anymore though because it will give him "man-boobs".

2. I am the WORST housekeeper in the world!! I really hate this about myself, but sadly it's true. No matter how hard I try, my house is always a mess. If you ever come to my house and it's clean it means that I knew you were coming and I hurried and stuffed everything that was out into a closet or a drawer. I will get better at this, I'm just not sure when. Maybe when all my kids leave home?

3. I find speaking and giving lessons in church to be very satisfying. I'm not sure that I do a very good job, but for some weird reason I enjoy it. Except when I have to give a lesson or talk in front of Trey, then I get soooooo nervous and I end up botching it because he is #1 in my book when it comes to this.

4. I always want to do something wild and crazy with my hair like dye or cut it a funky, stylish way, but I've only had the guts one time. The desire has never gone away though. The one time I did do something bold it cost me a fortune and I ended up looking like Frankenstein! The picture I showed the hair dresser was of a very short stylish haircut dyed black with a purplish tint. Wild, huh? What I got was a grandma haircut, dyed dark brown with red tints. It was not good, not good at all.  Trey would love it if I went platinum blonde.

5. I wish I could sing good. I am so stinkin jealous of people who sing well! If I was a good singer you would get so tired of it because I would be sure to let the world know. I would record a song for you and put it on my blog, I would sing my voice mail message on my phone, I would volunteer to sing in church all the time, and I would be sure to sing nice and loud and clear on Sunday so everyone could hear my beautiful voice. That's probably why I don't sing good, I would be too vain :)!!

6. I love being pregnant and having babies! I crazy or what? I feel good and people are so nice (especially my husband, oh, he is such a dream boat) when I'm pregnant. Even though having babies hurts like nothin else, it is so rewarding having them naturally and I feel like superwoman!! I am woman, hear me roar...G-R-R-RO-W-L-L-L-L!

Love, Mama


  1. I want to see a picture of your wacky hair! WHen was it? I also want your top 10 recipes. You are awesome Michigan. Wish we lived closer to you guys.

  2. ok ok I have typed about seven different responses in this silly little box and they are all cheeZy so ...I'm happy to see you accepted the challenge and satisfied that I finally got to read it. G-O-O-D J-O-B!

  3. WHOA! ...TMI on #6! haha

    Ok, I called home and told Michelle she has been tagged. So I'll have to give her the password to get into our blog and right about herself.

    And thanks for throwing me under the bus like that! LOL I thought I was "normal". haha

    Oh yeah, and we're coming up to Farmington around Dec. 14-16. My lil brother is graduating from the Police Academy. So we HAVE to get together. We are going to have ALL of our kids. I think I have your correct phone number, but I won't post it in here to make sure. I need to give you a call though. It's been 2 years since we saw you guys, and you haven't even met Jasmin!

  4. Meshan! I just found your blog via Britt's via Ann's.... I love blogging, mostly that I can find so many old friends! And how sad that I'm checking your blog and you live what? 4 blocks away? I'm pathetic.

  5. Meshan, you punk! I was hoping nobody would "tag" me. Great, now I have to pretend like I am interesting! HAHA! I love your blog. But excuse me, where is my blog address amongst all the others?!

  6. I loved reading all these fun things about you. You are an amazing woman. It's so much fun for me to get to know you again!