Christmas at the Cabin

December 28, 2007

Dear Children, 
My parents rented a cabin in Pagosa for Christmas this year and all the family (8 kids w/ their families) was together, which hasn't happened in years. Barb made matching PJs for all the grand kids.

Back row, from left to right:  Eli, Clara, Lucy, Jonas, Kaid, Nora, Ethan
Front row: Ezra, Lydia, Lily, Caleb

There was tons of snow so we spent a lot of our time outside sledding and getting pulled on tubes behind the truck.  Talk about FUN times!!

Nora was fine being outside as long as we were holding her, but the second we put her down she would start bawling.  It was actually really cute in a sad way.

Okay, okay I get the point... I'll pick you up!

She was much happier inside.  When we were inside all the kids would play games and just have so much fun being together.  I don't think anyone fought the whole time.

We had a special program for Christmas Eve where everyone had a little part.  I brought our lanterns and we did a "Search for Christmas".  

On Christmas morning everyone opened up their gifts.  Can you believe Santa found us all the way in Pagosa?!

My dad re-gifted Barb some lingerie.  I guess last year he and Paige were at the store and he told her he wanted to buy some lingerie for Barb, but he was too embarrassed to do it so he made his sweet little daughter do it!!  My dad gave it to Barb for Christmas, but she never used it so he gave it to her again this year!  Haha!  It was awesome.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early because Clara had an HSV1 outbreak.  Poor baby.  Nora was running a fever too so we thought it best if we left so hopefully none of the other kids would get sick.

It was a wonderful Christmas and so fun to share with all those cute cousins.

Love you,


  1. Kassie, Aaron and BoysDecember 28, 2007 at 10:05 PM

    Meshan, I am so glad that you had such a great time, but am sorry that you had sick kids that is so rough. I hope to see you on this break from school before things start to get crazy again. Kassie

  2. How fun to see all of the grandkids. I knew which kids were yours (of course) and Annie's oldest two but none of the others. I am going to take a wild stab and guess that the boy sitting next to Jonas is Shawn's boy. He looks so much like him. Looks like a lot of fun.

  3. really cute! there are some kids there that I don't recognize. Who are they?