This is my life

December 03, 2007
Dear Children,

This is my life:

Some homes try to hide the fact
That children shelter there.
Ours boasts of it quite openly,
The signs are everywhere.
For smears are on the windows,
Little smudges on the door;
I should apologize I guess,
For the toys strewn on the floor.
But I sat down with the children:
We played and laughed and read.
And if the doorbell doesn’t shine,
their eyes will shine instead.
For when at times I’m forced to choose
The one job or the other,
I want to be a homemaker
But first I’ll be a mother.

--author unknown

I should say I try to make this my life.  I'll admit sometimes the house is dirty not because I'm playing with you, but because I'm too darn lazy to clean it.  

I'm trying to be a good mom though.  I really want to make magical memories for you that you cherish. Hopefully you'll remember more of the good rather than the bad times.

Love you,


  1. This is so FUN that you have a blog! Your kids are so cute! And holy cow, your son looks like Dewey! Sounds like you guys have been on lots of adventures- Virginia, the Bahamas, and life with kids. It was fun to read about it. What are you guys going to school for? Justin just graduated last December. It was the happiest day of my life! That was the longest 6 years just to get a bachelors'degree. Take care and tell Dewey (is his name Trey too?)Hello!

  2. Meshan! I'm so embarrassed that Trey saw that picture. I didn't make that!! We had to superimpose a class-member's face on a body we found in a book. I did this Navajo lady's face onto this funny old-woman's body, and she took my face and put it on this totally risque (sp?) pin-up cowgirl! I can't believe it's hanging for all to see. I'm actually really upset about the whole thing. Anyway, tell Trey that I had nothing to do with it. She told me what face to make, and I did. Then I saw the final product and was just so embarrassed. Then, to know that my professor posted them somewhere!!!! I'm dying. Anyway, pass on the message!!

  3. Matt and I have been talking a lot about this topic lately. I have been trying to find the perfect schedule to get it all done. Crazy! I we have to chose between the two we would rather have some fun with the kids then have everything nice and fancy.

  4. I am so glad you stole it from our blog because I stole it from someone else!haha I didn't even know you guys had a blog...but it will be fun to keep in touch this way until we see you again...sometime!:) Your kids are darling by the way...too cute!

  5. Very Cute Meshan! At least now I can keep up with someone in the ward. I feel like I'm so out of the loop becasue of work! Your Kids are the CUTEST as ALWAYS!

  6. Hi Meshan, my blog is You have my old one on yours. Hope you're having a good day.