Eleven grandkids under age seven!

I enlarged this picture so everyone can see the kids better. Annie's kids are on the three on the left (Eli, Lucy, and baby Ezra). The baby on the ground with the pink bow is Jason's daughter Lydia. The blonde boy sitting by Jonas is Shawn's son Kaid and the blonde girl in front of him is theirs as well, her name is Lillyanne. The two twins on the right are Ethan and Kaleb and they are Bryce's kids. Aren't the PJ's adorable that Barb made?


  1. I didn't know Shawn had another kid! And Bryce's twins looked so big I didn't think they could possibly be his. I guess it's been a much longer time than i thought.

  2. Meshan, this picture is great! Lucy IS Annie and Shawn's little boy looks so much like him!
    I'm totally impressed with the PJ's too.