Slow down Santa!

This is the Macaw that "Santa" brought Jonas. Trey and I did not originally buy this for Jonas because we thought it was too expensive for a fake parrot that we thought didn't do much. Well, we had Christmas a few days early because we didn't want to take tons of stuff up to the cabin. On our fake Christmas morning Jonas woke up and was a little dissapointed Santa didn't bring him the "talking parrot with the cracker". Grandpa Dewey found out and Jonas received a phone call from Santa saying that Jonas' gift had fallen off the sleigh because the reindeer were in such a hurry. He told Jonas to go outside and look on the sidewalk and there was the Macaw!! It actually turned out to be a really cool toy and do so much more than we thought. Jonas' favorite thing is to make him "toot". He named him toot head and he has a snake named fire head. We love Grandpa Dewey, he is so generous.


  1. Hey Meshan... I haven't commented yet, but I've been looking at your cute blog. I hope you don't mind!! I just wanted to add that I think Grandpa Dewey is the best too! Whenever he sees Noah he gives him a gold dollar... he's not even a blood relative, but I think that is the sweetest thing EVER! It melts my heart. He is such a good man and I bet his grandkids are all crazy about him. Your family is so cute. Love, Katie

  2. What a good Grandpa! Love the name "toot head":)

  3. toot head? haha

    sounds like something you or Dewey would say. It's funny to see how he really is, because he was so shy when we hung out with you guys.

    Good to see some new posts up!

  4. Mosh pit-

    I don't know any details about a reunion fill me in. Friends? High school? I keep telling trav that I really want to go to NM but our money tree didn't make it through the cold winter last year so now we only have what's in the bank. We are searching for another one. Who ever said, "Money doesn't grow on trees?"

  5. Yeah...let's all hang out in 6 months. Where at? We have an extra room here in Phoenix (with your own bathroom). But Michelle is due in about 6 months (beginning of July).

    So that could put a damper on things and traveling.

    We need to find the time capsule still! LOL