Uh...better late than never?

So I'm a month late.  That's the story of my life.  Here are some updates:
Field trip to Sutherland Farms with Nora's little pre-school/play group.  There was a barrel train ride, corn maze, animals, hay ride, snack time, story time, corn pit playground, and the kids each got their own pumpkin.  
Clara was determined to find the "perfect" pumpkin.  Notice the look of determination?
Nora loves to be outside.  She could have stayed here all day if I let her!
Me and the girls (well, the boy in my tummy too).  We got lost in the corn maze a few times and ending up going out the same way we came in.


  1. Such beautiful girls! You included! I want to eat your girls though!

  2. Where is Sutherland Farms? Looks really cool. Sorry to hear about your sense of directions...I guess that is why guys usually do the driving! HAHA j/k

    and watch out for Rebecca above...she sounds like she is into cannibalism!

  3. umm, I don't blame Clara. I take forever looking for the "perfect" pumpkin too!