Baby? What baby?

Due date: December 3
Today: December 4  I think today is the day though because I went to a lady who was referred to me by two of my friends.  She gave me an adjustment and massage and worked on some pressure points that are supposed to help me go into labor.  We'll see what happens!


  1. After I passed my due date with Delica I went to Genevive Finch and she rubbled my feet. I went to the hospital that night. Now the disclaimer. I went in an ambulance because I was hemoraging. Placenta tore from uterus. Too much info? I hope your little baby hurries up and gets here. So exciting!

  2. Hey little Foutz baby! Come out of there! I will give you a dollar. Yep an entire dollar.

  3. december 7: still no freakin baby!at least as of 7 this evening...