Visit with Santa

Jonas' wish list-   1. Webkin   2. Remote control car   3. Pokemon cards
Clara's  Wish list-      1. Bitty Baby    2.  Scooter   3.  Twin baby dolls
Nora's wish list-        1.  Playhouse           2. Bike            3.  Baby doll

At least these are the things Nora told us she wanted, there was no way she was going to tell Santa though!  I'm such a mean mom.  I made her sit on Santa's lap because I wanted the picture.  Trey was trying to save her.

P.S. Eight days over due.  It's starting to really affect me.  I was so sure this baby was going to be EARLY!!


  1. I love Claras little smile:)

    I will tell you what Bakugans are when you call me back:)

  2. Ohhhhh Hunee I feel for you!!!!

  3. oh my goodness, i thought this was going to be a post about a new little baby arrival. not 8 days over! please let us know when you do. hang in there, and go jump on a tramp or something!!!

  4. You are not 8 days over due! That is crazy! I am coming into town on the 15th. I would love to visit you and hopefully bring you dinner - if the baby isn't there yet, then let's go to dinner!

  5. I was at least a week overdue with all of mine except Mikenna which they induced because of complications. I feel for you. With JJ, John would ask me "Are you going to have the baby today?" everyday until I snapped and told him to stop. Keep us posted.

    I love the pics. This was the first year we got a picture of Mikenna - 8 yrs - without tears or force. Oh yeah, we had to bribe her with cheesecake. :) She wants Webkins too.