Papa and the babe.  
My mom gave us a Bumbo when Clara was a baby and we have used it faithfully since then.  They are expensive, but so convenient.
The kids have all adjusted to the new baby wonderfully.  Clara is a little mom and helps whenever I need it.  Nora is so sweet with him and hasn't shown signs of jealousy at all.  Jonas is just pumped to have a brother.
One month old, Trey had him smiling so cute.
After his first bath, I love the fuzz head.
Another pic. of when Trey was making Atticus smile.  Don't let the picture fool you though.  He has LUNGS like no other and knows how to use them.  The first two months are such an adjustment, I always forget how hard they are.  My day seems to consist of feeding, burping and changing Atticus.  When I'm not doing that I'm trying to get him to stop crying.  A clean house?  Yeah right.  My hair done?  Yeah right.  A healthy, well thought out meal?  Yeah right.  Me time?  Yeah right.  A good nights sleep?  Hmph.  Oh, wo is me!  Everyday seems to be getting a little better.  One month down, one more to go!


  1. Your kids are incredible. It's a price you have to pay, right?: ) Hang in there. Atticus is adorable. J.J always wished for a brother. Oh well.

  2. I hear you, Meshan! He is such a cutie!

  3. Darling pictures:) My favorites are of Dewey and Atticus together and nora and Atticus together. So sweet. Have fun adjusting:)

  4. Congratulations on your 4th?!? Wow. It is so good to catch up on your life through the bloggy world. I hope you guys are wonderful!

  5. okay, I changed my mind. I think he looks like Trey. so cute, I am excited to see the blessing pics.

  6. I haven't checked any blogs in a while, so your gonna get a lot of comments from me! I love the pics of Atticus, you are really good at photography! I especialy love the one of him in his bumbo. But the pic of Nora holding him is priceless!