Family Update

Catch up is the story of my life.  The biggest news is that we are now moving to Henderson, Nevada instead of Utah to go to Pharmacy school!  We are excited, sad, nervous, happy, anxious...  Other news:
Trey:  Very busy with school and finishing up his classes at San Juan College.  Newest hobby- reloading ammunition.  He has a little station set up in our garage and the kids LOVE to "help" him out there!  I LOVE it too because I can clean the kitchen after dinner in peace. :-)
Meshan:  Busy packing boxes for our move- so not LOVING it!  I've also been working on some changes for Old & New World Jewelry and business is going great- I am LOVIN' that.
Jonas:  Busy with school and soccer.  He LOVES to read and does so any chance he gets.  Even when he's supposed to be asleep in bed.  I'll walk by his room and see him holding the book close to his face, straining to read it in the dark.  I LOVE it!
Clara:  Busy with school and soccer.  She LOVES to pray.  She always wants to be the one to pray.  Every single time.  Always.  She says really great heartfelt ones too and they're usually long.  Really long sometimes.  But I LOVE it!
Nora:  Busy with being a two-turning-three-in-one-month year old.  She LOVES to be naughty.  Every chance she gets.  She destroys things all day long.  I don't like her antics, but I LOVE her!
Atticus:  Busy being the baby of the family.  He is changing way too fast.  With each child I have they seem to grow up faster each time.   He LOVES to sit in his Bumbo on the dinner table while we eat.  He always wants to be right where the action is.  I LOVE him, he is such a joy!

Can you feel the love baby?


  1. Your kids are so adorable! Good luck with the move. I'm sure it will be sad to leave family.

  2. Hey Meshan!

    Im glad you found my blog and thanks so much for the advise. Ya know, I talked to Markelle about Baby Wise when I was pregnant. Well, needless to say I never read the book until Crew was about 1 month old. As soon as I read it, I started applying it and I noticed a HUGE change. We loved it! Crew takes a 2 hour nap in the morning, an hour to an hour and a half nap in the after noon. I can put him in his crib awake and walk away....he is doing all the things the book says they will do EXCEPT sleeping through the night.

    I guess its time I read that book again and re-apply it to Crew.

    Your moving? Now I wont get to see you in the mothers lounge on Sundays!

    I never knew you made jewelry! It's gorgeous!!

  3. Life is all about change...J.J is graduating in 2 months...enjoy your children because it really flies by. It feels like he was just in a stroller and I was just doing the things you talked about with your kids. And you are right, each child it feels like it goes faster. : (

  4. well, we are super bummed you aren't moving to Utah! Love the kiddies tell them all I said "hello!"

    Jack likes to help us too, like this weekend painting our cabinets.

  5. Although I am very sad you are not moving to Utah I amd excited for you guys. On with the next adventure!

  6. What a trooper you are. You guys seem super busy getting ready to move. I am sure the grandparents are going to miss you guys a ton. I am sure you will love it though. You are seriously one of the toughest women I know. Good Luck and keep us posted!

  7. when is the big move? so excited for you guys. let us know if you need help.

  8. Oh! I had no idea! I love your kids so much they are awesome! I will miss you guys so much! But please warn Jonas or have him call me. I was an obsessive reader too and I used to read in the dark straining my eyes, and I have always thought that that is why I ended up getting glasses in fourth grade.