Yesterday was the Easter Egg hunt at the Church park.  Jonas and Clara were so cute to help Nora find eggs and made sure that she had one of every color.
So, Nora might be my least favorite in the family right now (come on, you know you have favorites at times), but she sure can be cute.   IF she's doing something She wants to do, WHEN She wants to do it and HOW She wants to do it (a nap and a full tummy are helpful too!).  Typical two year old, it's all about HER .  I wish sometimes it could be all about ME again.  Sometimes I throw a fit like a two year old.  A nap and a full tummy are helpful in making me happy as well.  Hmmm...
Notice the bangs plastered to her forehead and the after-nap pigtails?  I am so over the days of 1st baby syndrome- cute matching outfits everyday, baths everyday, hair done everyday, balanced meals every meal of everyday, etc.  Her bangs are plastered to her head because she had pancakes for breakfast and I noticed it as we were leaving, but you know what? 

I don't care anymore!   

I admit that after having four children I now succumb to Mac n' Cheese and Spaghetti O's on occasion, my children do NOT have baths everyday, I'm OKAY with mis-matched outfits (especially when they put it on themselves and I didn't have to dress them), and Sundays are usually the ONLY day of the week when they all have their hair done on the same day.  
P.S.  It doesn't mean I LOVE them any less! :-}


  1. Welcome to Motherhood : ) You are such a great mom.

  2. Is it bad that I am already over 1st baby syndrome, and Crew is only 6 months old?

    I used to bathe Crew everyday and his eczema just got worse and worse, then the lightbulb clicked {and I got a new doc that actually was helpful} he told me to bathe and little as possible and what do you know, his skin started looking better and better.

    Also, the cute outfits and matching attire just gets crapped all over, so I usually go with a simple onsie and babylegs and we are good to go!

  3. They will all have their moment of favorite or not so favorite. She sure is cute.

  4. When I had the three kids they finally asked me if they could please get out of their pajamas now. They are great kids, but its tough providing three meals plus snacks a day! I'm glad I can just starve Bo and myself. Nora is precious, she reminds me of Markie.