Trey and I went to Nevada this past week to try and find a place to live when we move. It was extremely overwhelming and I am trying to be optimistic and have faith that everything will work out. I think we are going to like living in Nevada. It was hotter than hades there, but it has the possibility of being really great. Trey's school is in Henderson, which is about 30 minutes from "the strip" in Las Vegas and 30 minutes the opposite way to Lake Mead. In-between Henderson and Lake Mead is Boulder City, where Trey's aunt and uncle live. That's where I really want to live. It's smaller, quieter, nicer... and more expensive. Darn! Hopefully it will work out though. Being in the Military and having moved so many times, I now know that wherever we go will be the best for us and I need to have faith in Heavenly Father.

While we were gone we took Nora and Atticus with us and Cindy volunteered to watch Jonas and Clara so it would be easier. While she was at work during the day grandma Livvy watched the kids. Grandmas are the BEST! On the last day of our trip Clara was in the car with grandpa and she started telling him she didn't feel well. His hearing isn't the best these days and he didn't hear her, but he did see her throw up a little on herself (but she wasn't done yet). When they got to the house she threw up a tiny bit more on the floor (not done yet). When Grandma bent over to clean the mess off the floor she threw up the rest of the contents from her tummy all over grandma (okay. now she's done.) Poor grandma! Her head and clothes were covered in vomit. Even her glasses were filled to the brim! Ooooh... gross! All I can say is... sorry and we love you! It's a good thing Clara was her great-granddaughter or she might have been in trouble for that one!


  1. Poor, poor grandma!!! Nothing worse than a puking kid!!

  2. gross:(
    I am still sad you aren't moving to Utah.

  3. Poor Clara wasn't feeling well, apparently.

    Nevada seems like it would be a great place to live. I am sure you guys will enjoy yourselves. And moving that many times....YOU DESERVE A MEDAL!! Im not so fond of the whole packing and unpacking process. Ugh!