Flower Power

Clara and Nora had a combined Flower Birthday party on Friday. We ate Frito Pie and then had mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Each of the girls got little flower headbands, but Clara was the only one that wanted to wear hers.

I hope your wishes come true!
Cutey Clara eating her dessert.
Nora didn't touch a bite of her dinner and I usually wouldn't let her have dessert if she didn't eat, but anything goes at your Birthday party, right? After dessert the girls decorated flower pots and they each got a little flower to plant. They also decorated buckets to put their pinata candy in.
Clara giving it a good whack.
Nora's ever so gentle nudge.
These are the darling baby dolls my friend Ruth made for the girls. Clara named hers Pretty Cute. First name Pretty. Last name Cute.
The party girls. It was all family at the party except for Ruth and her fam. This is Lily and Meg (sisters) and they are the same age as Clara and Nora and they are all the best of friends. We're going to be so sad to leave them. The girls planted flowers in flower pots and decorated little buckets with flower stickers to collect their candy in. Their "real" Birthday's aren't until next week so we'll have even more celebrating to do. Yay!


  1. Im rolling about the doll named Pretty Cute. SO FUNNY!!!

    YAY for Birthdays!!

    Your kiddos are adorable Meshan!

  2. I really think you have the cutest family ever!

  3. What a Fun party. I love the Flower Headbands!!! SO CUTE!!!

  4. What a cute idea for a birthday party! I bet the girls loved the Flower theme!

  5. I know I had fun! I love you and your family...It was good seeing you.

  6. Meshan, I hope you don't mind that I am checking out your blog. Your girls are darling! I was just thinking about the time when I blew a huge bubble from all of the gum you chewed...ahhh, fun times.