January 28, 2010

Dear Love, 
Nevada has been... hard. Out of all the times we've moved, (10 moves in 9 years of marriage) this has been my hardest.

Yes, even harder than living in Anjungri, Korea.
*I didn't know the language and since the Branch on post was a bit strange we rode a bus to a different town where we went to a Korean Branch.  Did I mention I don't know Korean?

*We didn't have a car the first year and when we got one it was a complete lemon.

*I had my first child in an outdated and old fashioned hospital that was two hours away from where we lived.  At soon as they checked me in they hooked me up to an IV and they wouldn't let me out of bed.

*Our village reeked of Kimchi and fish.  It was very dirty and there were always stray dogs running around.

*Ajuma (landlady) was babysitting Jonas one day for me while I went to the grocery store.  I came home and they were gone and I was terrified something had happened to him.  Nope, she had just taken him to a Korean bathhouse full of naked Korean women.

*I had to wheel our dirty clothes in a large suitcase across the village to the laundromat.

*Every time I would ride the bus to tutor English I had a Korean stalker who thought I was "a Russia girl" (aka juicy girl, if ya get my drift)

*The lady above our tiny little apartment would switch off our hot water mid shower while the guy below us had a dog that barked at all hours and liked to get into the trash and eat Jonas' dirty diapers and strew them all over the court yard

*Ajuma made me eat Dok and we woke everyday to the sounds of our landlady and her brother/husband??? arguing in Korean.
Aaahh, good times.

Even harder than when we lived in San Angelo, TX.
*We literally lived on the wrong side of the tracks, in a blue shack (when I say shack, I mean shack).

*We often heard gun shots at night.

*Our landlord gave me free snow cones which I later came to find she mixed the syrup in a big metal barrel in her backyard.

*Our dog ate our car.

*Our only entertainment was the arcade at the mall.  

*The missionaries got a little too friendly with me.

*We had an investation of termites come flying out our walls right into my face.

*Our only furniture was a mattress on the floor (which Mike bought for us) and a card table with two folding chairs.

 *My dad almost killed us by running off the side of the road.
 Aaahh, good times.

Weird, I know. Trey seems to think I rise to the occasion when placed in a hard situation and make the most of it. Hmm, maybe he's right. There's nothing terribly wrong here, it's just... hard. Anyway, here are some photos from the past six months. Enjoy.

Balloon fun. What they chose fits them perfectly. Jonas- an octopus, Clara- a princess crown, Nora- didn't care as long as it was purple.
Visit to Santa. Nora said she would take a picture with him if she didn't have to touch him.

We LOVE Costco! It rocks!

Getting out of the city to the mountains. Refreshing Mt. Charleston day trip.

The boys. Jonas is a great hiker and never seems to tire. When we were going up the trail people would always say to us, "wow, you've got your hands full!". On the way home Jonas was like, "Those people were crazy, we didn't even have anything in our hands!".


  1. Meshan you are amazing! I'm glad to see some pictures even though I saw you not too long ago. I don't know how you do it but just keep thinking towards the end. I keep telling Reed we need to go see you guys. We will make it there.

  2. I'm so glad that you started up again. I was laughing at your bad experiences in other places. I had not heard one of those stories before. i want a full detail next time we talk:)
    I love Nora in the Santa picture. She did really good not touching him:) I love yor littel family!

  3. i loved reading your stories of all the interesting places that you have lived. you guys have the cutest little family!

  4. What a trooper you are! I can't believe all that you have been through. Or should I say that I can believe it because you are such a strong woman! I love your family picture! What a beautiful family you two have. It was good to see pictures and read all your stories. I hope things get better for ya~

  5. hehe I loved the quick bio of Korea and Texas....but the termites flying in your face? I almost threw up. we need to talk about that, you might still need therapy. or at least I would!

    sooooooo glad you are posting