Valley of Fire

January 31, 2010

Dear Family,
Trey told me that if he passed his test on Friday we could do whatever I wanted the rest of the weekend. Yipee, he passed! 

 First stop- Costco, followed by In-N-Out Burger, a visit to the pet store, and Nielsen's Frozen Custard. On Saturday morning we played tennis and then packed a lunch and headed to Valley of Fire for a day hike.
Jonas showing his sisters some brotherly love by choking them.

Clara showing off her toothless grin. We were driving home the other day and she said, "Mom, I just pulled my tooth." Hmm, kids are so different. We have to pull Jonas' when it's either a)hanging by a thread or b) when he's asleep.

There were the coolest arches and holes in the rocks. Every time we would come upon a new one the kids would have to go check it out and then ask me to take a picture of them in it.

It was amazing scenery, the dessert truly is spectacular!

Atticus had the best seat in the house!

When we got home we had pizza for dinner and snuggled up to watch a movie. Sunday we went to church and then came home and everyone (aah yes, silence) had naps. Woke up, ate Sunday dinner and then played games. Lovely, just lovely!

Love, Me


  1. I love the pictures! I'm longing for warmer days. only four more months for us.

  2. That sounds like fun, I really love your kids. They are perfect!

    except you forgot to go to yogurtland!

  3. Good pictures! I love my toothless cheesy girl! I miss you all and I can't wait to smooch that adorable baby boy!