I like to get away from the city as often as possible. A day trip to Valley of Fire State Park.
We took Jonas to "Shark Reef" for his 7th B-day. He loves animals.
Halloween: A brave knight, his fair maiden, and the two dragons he had to slay.

During the summer months we would check out a new yogurt/ custard/ ice cream place every Friday night thanks to the generosity of Grandma Livvy. It's so HOT here, it was always a great treat. Our favorite- Yogurtland!!! Yum!

Jonas' skeleton pumpkin. The girls had cool ones too, but they were even more rotted and weren't recognizable. The mask was from sweet Aunt Vicky and Summer, they hooked us up with Halloween goodies!

Well, I've decided that posting these pictures was exactly what I needed to realize it's not so bad here after all. Besides being totally stressed about Pharmacy school, being poor because of Pharmacy school, and only seeing Trey on the weekends because of Pharmacy school... it will all be worth it. The weekdays are yuck, but we sure enjoy family time on the weekends and all the free entertainment available to us!

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  1. welcome back to the blogging world ;)
    super cute kiddos!
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