Disney on Ice

February 6, 2010
Dear Clara and Nora,

My friend found tickets to "Disney on Ice" for 7 bucks so we decided to take our daughters on a date. Clara and Nora cashed in some of their reward dollars and were in Heaven watching the show. I let the girls wear their princess dresses and when I was taking their picture Clara kept tilting her head to the side. I asked her why and she said, "Mom, that's what princesses do! It makes them look prettier!" Oh, silly me.

I had so much fun with these little cuties. I love having daughters (don't love the tude that comes with it though) and I'm glad they have each other. It was all very magical until we were leaving and I got trampled, dropped Nora, she fell on her head and got an immediate gigantic goose egg. As Trey told his mom, "the size of a melon". Poor baby. She was very tough though.

 Oh, and my friends daughter threw up in my car on the way home and she was sitting in Atticus' car seat.

 And um, we found out why the tickets were so cheap. They were at the very, very, tip top of the stadium in the nose bleed section. When I looked down I felt slightly nauseous so we scanned the auditorium and found some empty seats closer to the bottom. Luckily, we were able to stay in them the whole time.

I started laughing when we saw Princess Tatiana posing for pictures with her head tilted. The other princesses came out too (with tilted heads), but we couldn't get close enough to take pictures.

It was still a magical night even with our few mishaps.  I love you two dearly!!
Love, Mama


  1. Okay so I am busting up laughing at how you mentioned you started laughing when the princess posed with their head tilted. It is crazy how much of the little things kids notice. I am glad you got to do that with your girls. It looked like they had fun too. :)

  2. Fun! I am laughing too:) And now I am going to tilt my head and see if I get any compliments on how pretty I look.

  3. I love that girl! Nothing gets by her! So funny, you know that IS a really good picture of her though!