Little bit of this, little bit of that

February 4, 2010

Dear Children,
Here's some random bits about our lives recently.

Atticus high centered on the jogging stroller today. This boy is all over the place. Much more mobile, curious and mischievous than my other babies were.

Jonas and I went and volunteered for Disneyland's, "Give a day, Get a day" program tonight. We were supposed to paint over graffiti, but it was already done before our scheduled time slot. They said we could pick up trash instead but we could only find a total of about 10 pieces. I told the lady and she said for us to go home and she would give us credit for our free tickets. I was actually kind of bummed though because I wanted to teach Jonas about giving service. I suggested to him that we do a different act of service on our own and asked if he had any ideas. He thought it would be really great to make Valentine's cards for everyone we know. So there you have it, our great contribution to the world.

The weather has been beautiful and we've been playing at the park almost everyday this week after school. I love it!

There's a really long and twisty tube slide that the kids love to make a train and go down together. They especially love it when I go down with them to bring up the rear, but we always get stuck halfway down when I do and have to scoot the rest of the way. Atticus is a little dare devil and loves to go down by himself but I have to keep an eye on him because he tries to crawl in and go head first.

I sure love my little chili peppers,


  1. I will be expecting a Valentine in my mailbox in a few day then:)

  2. I'm so jealous its warm there. It is so cold here I'm sick it the coldness. Plus our house is like the worst for keeping heat in i have to wear my winter coat around the house so our gas bill doesn't go through the roof!