"Bro Time"

February 17, 2010

Dear Jonas, 

You recently cashed in some of your reward dollars to go on a date with Trey daug. I asked where they were going for their date and Trey corrected me, "Actually we're not going on a date, we're having bro time". 

So, "bro time" it was. They decided on Chuck E. Cheese's and ate pizza and played games. When they got home (WAY past Jonas' bedtime) Trey told me they had so much fun and that it was long overdue. Jonas was glowing with happiness when he walked in the door, it was so cute. After Jo went to bed I asked how it went. Trey said that Jonas was very well behaved and he seemed so grown up. They chatted about life and being "boys" and they already planned their next outing.

Chuck E. Cheese's... where a kid can be a kid!!

The loot: a squishy lizard (Jonas loves animals), a top (he's fascinated with them), stickers (for his sisters), and a bracelet (hmm, just because). 

When Jonas picked out the bracelet Trey said, "That's so nice that you're getting stickers and a bracelet for your sisters!" Jonas replied, "No, just the stickers are for them. The bracelet is for me." Of course Trey tried his best to persuade Jonas to give the bracelet away, but Jonas was adamant that he keep it for himself. Well, alrighty then. Trey let him keep it and tried not to make a big deal of it. After all, Trey has a bracelet and a necklace. They're just not as "girly" as this one. You can't tell from the picture, but it was glittery with pinks, blues, and purples. Special.

I'm really liking these dates we've started going on with our kids. It makes them feel loved and it helps us as parents get to know them better and assess their needs. Thanks to my dear friend Danika who always gives me good ideas on how to be a better parent!

Love, Me


  1. how fun!
    p.s. your heart hair was adorable!

  2. I love it!!! A true man is not afraid of some Sparkels!!!

  3. Yea! That is just what every little boy needs- some bro time! I'm glad Trey let him keep the bracelet, he probably won't be able to keep track of it for long! You two have always been great parents, but I think your dates are important, especially since they are getting older! You have been doing a good job on your bog Meshan, I gave up reading it a while ago, so I had lots of catching up to do! I can't believe you got trampled at a princess event! Love you all!B

  4. Jonas is so funny. At least he gave the stickers to the girls. I like your reward idea I will definitely remember that one for my future kidos.