Allergic Reaction

May 31, 2010

Dear Family,
·                  On Memorial Day we decided to pack up the four wheelers and a picnic and head to the mountains for the day.  It was a fantastic time in the La Plata Mountains.

The boys had a great time building a fort.  It's cool, huh?

Atticus was totally intrigued by the motorcylce that Reed brought.

         His expression cracks me up.

      When we got home I took a shower and then went upstairs to join in a game of scum bucket. I asked everyone if their allergies were acting up from being in the mountains all day because my eyes were itching really bad and my head felt like it was going to explode.  Barb made me a steam bath for my sinuses and it seemed to make matters worse so Trey suggested I do a sinus rinse to clear things out.  After I used it my throat felt like it was really itchy and swollen, my eyes were all puffy, and my head was about to burst at any moment.  I went back in the room and told Trey, “something’s not right.”
They all looked at me and gasped.  My left eye was almost swollen shut and my right was starting to get worse fast.  I told Trey I wanted a blessing so he and my dad gave me one and then my dad told me to go to the emergency room.  I told them I would be fine, but really I just didn’t want to face an emergency room bill.  Everyone chimed in saying I should go to the emergency room and I finally conceded because my left eye was totally shut and my right eye was now a sliver.  It was getting hard to swallow. 
 As soon as we got into the car Trey took off like a speeding bullet.  I couldn’t see how fast we were going, but I could feel it.  We zipped in and out of traffic, around corners and over speed bumps.  At one point I forced my eye open and caught a glimpse of a red light as we sped through the intersection.  I started laughing and told Trey not to kill us on the way to the hospital.  My arms started itching really bad and Trey said my face and arms were now bright red.

We got to the hospital and they admitted me right away without waiting to do paperwork.  I was having an anaphylactic reaction and I was there for a few hours as they pumped me full of drugs.  When we got the bill a few days later and it was a whopping $1,800 I said to Trey through tears, “See, I told you we shouldn’t have gone to the ER.  It was too expensive.”  He responded with, “Yeah, a funeral would have been a lot cheaper!”   Ha, ha, ha!  I love that guy.

I don't really love it when he takes random ugly pictures of me though.  I thought I'd keep them to share for posterity's sake.  Enjoy.

These were taken after I'd already been in the hospital for a few hours and the drugs had started to work their magic.  I still couldn't open my eyes at this point unless I pried them open.

     I'm sure I was telling him to stop taking photos.  My lips seem unusually large.  I have no idea what caused the allergic reaction.

I love my kiddos and I'm glad to be alive so that I can still be there for you and I'm very grateful for a husband that rushed me to the hospital and didn't blink an eye about what it would cost for an ER visit.
Love, Me

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