Conference Celebration

October 2, 2010

Dear children,
When I was growing up General Conference wasn’t that big of a deal at my house.  I’m embarrassed to admit, but I didn’t even know there was a Saturday session until I went to college.  We were told we had to watch one session on Sunday and that was all.  Just two hours.  I totally could have handled more.  My brothers?  I’m not so sure.

When I was in college I remember being invited to a young couples house in Silver City, NM to watch the Saturday and Sunday session.  They must have thought I was so weird when I said, “What?!  There’s a Saturday session?  Ooh, I’m so excited!  What time does it start?”  I went to their house for the weekend and in between sessions the wife made delicious food and we played games.  I LOVED it!  I couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on my whole life!

Fast-forward through ten years of marriage and four kids later and I still love it.  Although I must admit, I haven’t made it as special as I would like.  I fluctuate between watching whole-hearted and just trying to hear one talk with four young ones around.  This year though, this year was different.

The week prior to Conference I made the three oldest Conference booklets that I found from varying sources on the Internet.  They were detailed and my hope was that they would entertain you long enough that I would be able to get something out of conference.  They were also geared toward trying to get you kids to listen to conference and learn something as well.  We had a talk on Friday night about the importance of conference and I presented you with your Conference books and a new pack of Conference crayons.  You guys were pumped!  We watched the Saturday morning session and it was absolutely wonderful to see you all fully engaged with your books and trying hard to stay reverent.

On Sunday morning we had Conference Casserole and chocolate milk for breakfast.  During Conference we pitched a tent with the door to the prophet, but it didn’t last very long because it was decreasing from the reverent atmosphere of yesterday.  You snacked on cookies and Cuties (tangerines) while you watched and worked on your books.

            One of the talks was about addiction and when Clara asked what it meant Jonas told her, “When you can’t get enough of something and you just want more and more so it drives you crazy.”  I thought that was a pretty apt description.

            When conference was over Jonas asked Clara if she wanted to play with him and she responded, “Well, I do want to play with you but I don’t think I should because then I might become addicted to it.”  

For dinner we had Chicken Enchiladas with corn and then cake for dessert.

I really tried to make Conference a time that you look forward to.  Did you notice all the “C” foods we ate for “C”onference?!  Oh yeah, Crazy and Cool.
Love, Mama

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