Never say shut U-P

February 13, 2011

Dear Jonas and Clara,
     We were driving home the other day when Clara asked me if I liked expensive hotels.  All I said was sure because I wanted to see where the conversation was going before I got too much into it.

She then replied, "I really like them!"

Jonas, always one to try and correct someone's mistake chimed in, "Clara, you mean you like cheap hotels. Expensive hotels cost a lot of money and cheap hotels don't."

Clara responded, "No, I don't mean cheap.  I don't like cheap hotels.  I like expensive hotels."

Girl!  Where are you getting this from?!  When and where have we ever stayed in an expensive hotel and how do you already know you don't like cheap hotels??  You baffle me sometimes.  I too like expensive hotels and while I'm glad you know what you like, sometimes you need to be content with what you have.  

As you and Jonas get older I'm really enjoying listening to your conversations with each other.  This one took place on the way to church today:

Clara asked, "Mom, do some adult movies say shut U-P in them?"

"Yes.  Sometimes they have other things too that are even worse."

"When I grow up I don't want to ever watch adultish movies, I'm only going to watch kid movies."

Wanting to join the conversation Jonas said, "Some kid movies even say shut 
U-P in them.  You just have to be careful and choose good ones."

"Okay.  Those are the only ones I'm ever going to watch.  Even when I grow up I'm never going to watch adult movies.  Do you agree to that Jonas?"

"Yeah, let's only watch kid movies forever and never say shut U-P."

"I"ll never say it and I don't even want to hear it."

Haha!  I love how you spell out the last half of the word in order to not say it.  You two are always getting into arguments with kids at school about what you consider "bad words".  I don't remember ever sitting you down and talking about which words are appropriate or not, but we do stress trying to only use nice words.    Keep up the good work kiddos and don't forget you made a pact to only watch good movies and never say shut U-P.

Love, Mama

P.S. The only "adult" movies I watch are rated PG13.  Just thought I should clear that up for future reference.


  1. your kidos are so funny. I'm glad you are keeping up with the blog. About time!

  2. Dear Meshan,
    This is the CUTEST blog idea EVER. Adorable and so meaningful. LOVE it!
    You are awesome.