Grand ol' time

February 21, 2011

Dear Children,
     Hip, hip hooray you're feeling better!  Atticus is the only one still recovering.  Much improved from yesterday though when he wouldn't acknowledge anyone to today when he told Hunter to not sit by him and "get away".  Oh yeah, a feisty attitude is a sure sign of Atticus on the mend.

We had a lovely weekend with the Ulibarri clan.  Jennifer just got home from her mission to Colorado and we're so proud of her.  This picture:

makes me smile.  She's so stinkin cute!  

It was fun to hang out with family and I really hope no one caught our sick bugs!   Grandpa and Grandma Livvy, Grandpa Dewey and Grandma Cindy all came to visit because it was Jennifer's homecoming.  It's such a treat when they come.  They always come bearing gifts; this time it was light-up shoes and jackets for all the kids and shirts for Trey and I.  For some reason they find it necessary to bring a boat load full of junk food too. :)  

I LOVE how they treat me as one of their children/grandchildren.  They really try to dissolve the in-law gap and do a great job of it.  I also LOVE that just because their children grow up and leave home, they're never "on their own".  They're constantly helping us out and sending little goodies in the mail.  Another thing I LOVE is the time they devote to the grandkids and how genuinely interested they are.

One of the nights they were here everyone was going out to eat, but I had planned to stay home with the sick kids.  Grandma Cindy came to the rescue and insisted I go to the restaurant and she stayed behind to take care of the kids and put them to bed.  What a kind soul!  

When we lived in Farmington Grandma Cindy and Grandma Livvy were always doing things like that.  Watching kids so Trey and I could go out or so I could run errands, bathing children for me, endlessly feeding us...  They're very unselfish with their  time and a great example in that respect.    

They're as unselfish with their time as Grandpa Dewey is with his money.  He always goes above and beyond when it comes to gifts.  Papa inherited his same generosity.  We were at the store when I spied with my little eye:

something bright, bold and beautiful!  Aah, love at first sight.  I really, really wanted it but knew it so wasn't in our budget.  It wasn't that expensive, but when you have no money then everything is out of your budget.  Well, Grandpa Dewey decided to save the day and get me an early Birthday present!

You kiddos sure are lucky to have such great grandparents who love you tons.

Love, Mama


  1. wow, i just caught up on reading your blog! it is super cute and so are your kids, and so are all your letters and stories. i love it. great job!