How to comfort and cure sick Children

February 18, 2011

Dear Children,
    It's been a rough week.  A week of fevers, coughing, bloody noses, congestion and throw-up.  It's also been full of naps, cuddling, stories, lullabies, games and movies.  This is the first time all four of you have been sick at the same time and it's been tiring for all involved. 

After Atticus had been sick for a few days I took him to the doctor because I was afraid he had RSV and on our way home Jonas threw up in the van.  Oh joy.  I still needed to fill baby boy's prescription so we went to the grocery store with four sick kids, hoping no one else would throw up.  All week long everyone's wanted my attention and you've all been whiney and grumpy.

(Yes, Jonas sleeps with his scriptures.)

I kept thinking, "What I need is someone to take care of me after this is over.  Someone to rub MY back and tuck ME in."  I wanted to post on Facebook about the horrible time I was having and then have people sympathize with me.  I wanted to take a nap and when I woke up have everyone better and the house cleaned.  What I really wanted was for my own mama to come and rescue me.

(Nora's sock hands to prevent thumb sucking.  No they're not dirty, they just look like it.) 

None of those things happened and when I finally stopped thinking about ME and started thinking about YOU my days drastically improved.  I decided to enjoy the mama time you were all craving.

Every night we got out "Little House" and snuggled up together as I read it out loud.  I was reminded how much we all enjoy story time and you can bet we'll be doing it more often.  

Jonas and I had a few intense rounds of Mancala because he's trying to win two times in a row in order for me to set up the Wii.  

I cuddled you before naps and at bedtime while singing lullabies from my childhood.  My dad always sang "Tru-a-lu-a lu a" to me and he still likes to sing it to the grandkids.  My mom would stroke my hair and sing "There is a Green Hill Faraway" and "I Wonder when He Comes Again" as she tucked me in.
I thoroughly enjoy singing them to my own children now.

You watched more movies in one week than you're usually allowed to watch in an entire month.  Unfortunately none of the "sick movies" were watched though.  Do you even know about the sick movies?  Hmm, I don't think you do.  That's a story (a wonderfully fantastic story) for another day.

Even before Papa was in Pharmacy school he was always the one to make sure you all had your medicine.  He seems to usually be the one to get up in the night to treat symptoms of crying kids.  For some strange reason he enjoys it.  I'm certainly glad he does though.


Prevention is key and this is where I've been slacking.  I haven't been making sure everyone gets enough sleep, uses proper hygiene and eats healthy.  I'm sorry.  Well, since you're already sick I'll share my top ten tips when dealing with sick kids (and adults).  These are a combination of Papa's traditional medicine and my more natural approach.

1.  Extra sleep and water are ESSENTIAL!
2.  A hot bath (with oils), a little massage (with oils) and some extra lovin' can work wonders.
3.  If vomiting- use the BRAT diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.  Otherwise chicken noodle soup is a good bet.
4.  Ginger is great for settling tummies (real ginger ale to drink, ginger & honey tea, ginger in the bath)  
5.  A sinus rinse or steam bath helps clear mucus and nasal passage.
6.  Avoid sugar and dairy when sick.  Embrace clear liquids.
7.  Vicks on the bottom of feet, under the nose and on the back relieves coughing and congestion.
8.  Getting Zinc (Zicam) in the body will shorten the duration of a cold.
9.  A teaspoon of honey (or two) is the best cough medicine.
10. Vitamin C (papa said it has to be a 4 gram bolus, whatever that means) is your new best friend.
11.  Gargle warm salt water for a sore throat, the salt kills bacteria.
12.  A fever is the bodies way of fighting infection.  Help draw it out with a hot bath (with oils) rather than any cooling method.  It's much more comforting and relaxing this way.  It will break the fever and a good nap afterwards is a must.

Okay, so it's twelve tips.  Just be glad I don't make you take garlic anymore when you're sick!!

I love you all and can't wait for you to be better.
Love, Mama


  1. I love your list. Come take care of me next time:)