Hello Love!

February 11, 2011
Dear Love,

I have a confession.  I'm not crazy about Valentine's Day.  In fact, remember when we were first married we agreed we didn't really like it and we weren't going to celebrate it?  We're both romantics at heart, but I have a few issues with the holiday .  These are my reasons:
1.  I  don't want a public holiday telling me when to tell my significant other of my undying love.
2.  I  don't like to be "normal".  Just for the fact that everyone else does it makes me not want to.  Does that mean I  don't want to celebrate Birthday's, Christmas, etc?  NO, but if I had my way we would do things a lot differently. 
3.  I'm not a Red Roses, Teddy Bear and box of chocolates kind of girl.  That's just not my thing.

What's really funny though is that in the beginning of our marriage we would celebrate something called V-day every February.  It stood for Vacation Day and it was one day we would set apart to be together.  Ha!  It was just Valentine's Day in disguise.  

Last year was the first time you "officially" (besides when we were dating in HS) got me something and I think it was because you were feeling guilty.  Now that you're in Pharmacy school you have no time for me (boo, hoo, hoo).  ;-)  You ordered me a really unique bouquet of flowers online, but then they called and told you it wasn't available.  You asked what else they had and the answer was basically, "red roses".  Knowing I'm not a fan, but having already paid you weren't sure what to do.  You did the only logical thing (ha, ha) and upgraded your order to get the most elaborate bouquet I've ever seen.  It was gorgeous!  After they died a short time later I was sad and then when I got our bank statement in the mail saying how much it cost I was a teensy depressed.  Dumb girl.

The last two years I've been warming up to the Love Holiday.  I'm pretty sure I want to start celebrating it now after ten years of marriage.  It's partly because we're both so busy it's kind of nice to have a public holiday remind us to remind each other of our love.  Ha!  It's also because of the littles.  They just adore it, especially Clara.  Pink, love, cards, candy, parties... those are all on her top ten list.  LAST year the kids made Valentines to send to their loved ones, we had a little party at our house with their friends and we had a special breakfast in honor of love.  THIS year I even have a few Valentine's Day decorations up (gasp)!   We're also going to carry on the tradition of our special breakfast of Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries.

Love, Me


  1. Michigan! I LOVE you! Not just on Valentines day:) I think I like the love birds best.

  2. You're a Valentine's hater? Say it ain't so!!!

    Thanks for sharing the cutesy-pants art. I LOVE the Love Birds. And Valentine's day.

    Can we still be friends???

  3. I'm with you! I think I like the one on top. Its one of my favorite days. I think because its around my birthday.I always had pink and red, heart shaped cakes.
    Cute little etsy shop btw.

  4. I like the owls one! You're a dork Meshan but I love it.