You talkin' to ME?

February 10, 2011

Dear Children,
     Last night as we were eating dinner Jonas said, "Wow, this must be a record or something, this is the fourth night in a row we've had a really good dinner."
    Um, excuse me?  Four good meals in a row is a record?  How dare you.  I must confess though, since Papa is studying all the time I've become a major slacker in the kitchen.  As a matter of fact, the record was broken tonight.
     To my credit, it was a recipe I got out of a magazine.  As I was eating it I made the comment, "I think this soup would taste better without the beans."  Jonas then said, "I think it would be better without the carrots."  Clara chimed in, "I think it would be better without the noodles."  Nora then piped up, "I think it would be better without the green stuff (spinach)."  The only problem was that those were four of the five main ingredients!  We had a good laugh and decided our lives would all be better if this soup weren't in it.
     I still love you even though you don't always love my cooking.
Love,  Mama

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