I is for Insect

Hello preschool parents!

* I am now accepting registration for Fall 2011.  You each should have received information on the available times and dates for classes.  If not please click the 'Preschool' tab and it will have the information you need.


Books we read for Circle Time:

Music & Movement:
  • I'm a little Teapot
  • If you're Happy and you Know it
  • I had a Tiny Turtle
  • I'm Taking Home a Baby Bumblebee

Ready Readers:
  • We read the book 'Inch by Inch' and then I measured the older class by inches and lined them up accordingly.  This picture just makes me smile.  I didn't tell anyone to make a silly face, but they all are!
  • We worked on our end-of-year books.
  • Practiced reading our books and flash cards.
  • I hid toy insects  around the room and when they found one they had to tell me a word that began with the letter Ii.
  • We played the game 'I Spy' 
I Spy with my little eye...

Arts and Crafts:
  • Inked our fingers to create insects on paper.
  • We made igloos out of marshmallows and toothpicks.  I then put blankets over the tables to make our own igloos.
They would have stayed in the 'igloos' all day if I let them!
They loved to put on the dress-up clothes and play house .

Sensory Project:   

  • We did an experiment with ice.

  • The children played with play-doh to try and create "interesting" works of art.

We talked about what the word "interesting" means and I showed them some "interesting" pictures from 'Ripley's Believe It or Not' book.
World's Largest Rubber band ball... interesting!
A two-legged dog walking upright... interesting!
  • Mini Ice cream cones
  • Insects out of crackers, organic fruit twisters and raisins

Creative Play Area:
Last month the creative play area had a mail center and finger puppets.  This month it has dress up clothes and cars.  

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