My Kitchen is clean!

February 28, 2011 

Dear love,
See this kitchen?

It hasn't looked this good since the day we moved in.  The other day I was feeling 100% completely overwhelmed with kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, Pharmacy school etc.  (this is nothing new, I often feel this way).  Well, you were home on this particular evening and we were going to have a stay-at-home date and watch a movie but I asked you if you would help me clean up the kitchen really fast before we did.

Little did I know "really fast" would mean a few hours later.  
Once my husband starts a job, he does it right and he doesn't stop until it's done.  Not me.  I start a job and either get distracted or bored and move on to something else so nothing ever gets done.  I have a lot of half finished projects laying around.  

I feel SO much better just having a clean kitchen.   After we cleaned we still had time to watch a movie.  It was a great date.  A husband that cleans is such a turn on.

Thanks dear one, Meshan

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